Primary Care

Last month, March 2017, the Philippine Society of General Internal Medicine (PSGIM) spearheaded primary care pocket meetings in Central Luzon, Northern Luzon and Northern Mindanao. These were attended by general internists and some resident in-training, guided by the Board of Trustees of the PSGIM. The objective of the said pocket meetings was to start disseminating information to general internists in the country on the ongoing PCP-PSGIM partnership on Primary Care.

The Primary Care pocket meeting in Northern Luzon was held at Hospital of the Sacred Heart.

BOTs Drs. Eliza Valenzuela and Franzel Villarin conducted a similar pocket meeting at Angeles University Foundation in Pampanga.

Down south in Davao, former BOT Dr. Celia Castillo and present BOTs Drs. Hansel Magno and Cary Tomada helped PSGIM’s president Dr. Diana Tamondong-Lachica conducting a PC pocket meeting.


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Primary Care

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